About Us

Company History

Hi, my name is Erik Berghoff and I am the owner of Victory Building Services. After getting an undergraduate degree in 2014, I worked at a local, corporate company here in Minneapolis. After a few years I knew I no longer wanted to work behind a desk and that owning a business was a dream I was dedicated to pursue. I decided I wanted to get into the janitorial service industry because the majority of operations happen during the evening hours. This was a huge benefit because at the time I still was working the desk job during the day. After starting the business, I partnered up with another local janitorial service company, MN Services, who have been a tremendous help to me and my business throughout the years. I strive to learn something new every day about the industry and to use gained knowledge to advance my business, and our employees.


Our mission is to provide quality services, consistently, to our clients at a level that exceeds their expectations. 

My vision is to become a leader in our industry by differentiating the business as more than just a commodity, which janitorial services are often viewed as.